Our Members

Neil Armstrong didn’t get to the moon alone – he had a dedicated team to manage every aspect of Apollo 11. AlbertaSat is no different, so here is our stellar line-up.

AlbertaSat just keeps growing: every year we have new members joining. Now with over 100 active members, spreading out the thousands of hours that must be spent creating a satellite has never been more important. 

No previous experience or technical knowledge is required to join. We have students from many faculties – not just engineering and science – and are always looking to expand our team and bring people on board. Interested in joining? Fill out the google form at the link below!

(Please note: we are a volunteer-based student project group)

Callie Lissina

Project Lead

Katelyn Ball

Deputy Project Manager

Erik Halliwell

Power Lead

Casia McLeod

Mechanical Team Lead

Taryn Haluza-DeLay

Lead Systems Engineer

Stefan Damkjar

Systems Engineer and Embedded Systems Lead

Logan Fairgrieve-Park

ADCS and Science Lead

Abigail Hoover

ConOps Lead

Angela Wang

Communications Co-Lead

Andrew Rooney

Software Lead

Josh Lazaruk

Software Deputy Lead and Payload Member

Shyan Myers

Admin Member

Brendan Gluth

Software Member

Alireza Azimi

Drew Fryklund

Mechanical Member

Ibrahim Elmallah

Payload Member

Nick Sorensen

Power Member

Arancha Bebany

Payload Member

Robbie Evangelista

Payload Member

Tharun Suresh

Admin Member

Past Members

Though no longer contributing directly to our projects, we’re forever thankful for the work these legends put into AlbertaSat.

Charles Nokes

Advisor and Ex-Alta 1 Project Manager

Collin Cupido

Ex-Alta 1 Systems Engineer

Christopher Robson

Ex-Alta 1 Mechanical Lead

Corbin Cooper

Ex-Alta 2 External Advisor

Tyler Hrynyk

Advisor and Former Ex-Alta 2 Project Manager